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Introducing Atlas Orthogonal

We are one of the few offices in the South Sound area to offer Atlas Orthogonal, a gentle, specific non-manipulative technique for the cervical spine (neck) which has proven very effective for people with chronic neck pain, back pain, headaches, migraines and many other conditions.

We combine this with other gentle full spine adjusting techniques to meet all of your chiropractic needs.

What is the Atlas Orthogonal Technique?

The Atlas Orthogonal Technique (AOT) is a specialized post graduate program where doctors of chiropractic receive specialized training in the structure, function and biomechanics of the upper cervical spine. The upper cervical spine is a set of very complex bones that when subluxated can have a profound effect on health and wellness. The primary vertebra of the upper cervical spine is the atlas, the very first bone at the top of the spine.

The chiropractor who uses the Atlas Orthogonal Technique will assess your atlas during an examination to determine if your atlas is subluxated and determine if you are a good candidate for this type of specialized care. The doctor then takes very specialized x-rays to determine how to precisely correct the subluxation three-dimensionally with the Atlas Orthogonal instrument. This adjustment is very gentle using a percussion wave, comfortable and requires no twisting or “cracking” of your neck

Client Testimonials

  • "My Atlas bone at the top of my spine (base of my skull) was out of place and was pinching a nerve causing severe migraines. I went to see Dr. Mark Piker (Neurology/Headache Specialist) at Valley Medical Center in Renton who diagnosed this problem and sent me to Drake Chiropractic in Federal Way.

    Dr. Kathleen Drake did a procedure called Atlas Orthogonal to adjust my Atlas bone to alleviate my migraines. It took about two or three of these Atlas adjustments and some other adjustments over an 8 month period to get the Atlas bone to stay in place but I think it is finally there. I have felt much better over the last 4 months with my last adjustment in November of last year. I cannot thank Dr. Drake, Dr. Placke, Aryana, and Margaret enough for their professionalism, compassion, and expert chiropractic care. These traits are very difficult to find in doctors, doctors' offices, or clinics nowadays. I highly recommend Drake Chiropractic to anyone needing chiropractic care."

    Brent K. Pedersen
    Migraine Headache
  • "Regularly, in the past five years, I was going once and usually twice because I had an accident where I was hit in the head with something and I was having a lot of neck and shoulder pain. A friend of mine told me about atlas orthogonal, and since she'd turned me on to a really good general practitioner, I trust her. So I came in thinking it can't be all that much better than a regular chiropractor.

    It was magic. A miracle. Truly, I'd been living with a certain amount of pain every day for about ten years and suddenly I walked out of the office with not a speck of pain. Big difference going from once or twice a week for ten years to once every four months, which to me was amazing. The pain was completely gone immediately."

    Eva La Rue, TV actress
    Accident: Neck & Shoulder Pain
  • "I came out here, he took x-rays, and my life was changed in about 2/3 of a second. This atlas orthogonal percussionary device that he uses - the entire thing takes 2/3 of one second. And when he does it, you feel all the muscles fall off the bone. My spine, which had been 20 degrees to the right, suddenly was realigned. One minute after he actually used the device on me, we took another x-ray and it was right done the pipe, and it was the first time in twelve years that I was not in pain.

    I've only come back three times since in the past three months, and I'm still pain free, doing things that I hadn't done. But the best part is that I'm up and around seven days a week now and going back to the normal life that I enjoyed twelve years ago - something I haven't really seen in over a decade."

    Jay Glazer, Sportscaster
    Accident: Neck & Shoulder Pain
    Good life I enjoyed 12 years ago
  • "The frequency of the pain was very severe. It would get me about up three to four times a night and keep me up for about an hour. At times the pain was so intense that it was actually crippling. You can't look at the light. You can't talk to anybody. You just have to sit there and hold your head and hope that the pain goes away.

    Since getting adjusted with the orthogonal machine, my nights - I sleep a full night's sleep. During the day, I'm aware of things now. You know, back to my old self. Just enjoying life again - where I was prior to this."

    John G.
    Chronic Headaches & Insomnia